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Amanda Sloan Graves

4:44am 7-18-87

i have always lived a lifestyle where "one day ill be the best".  I want to be the best right now, today, yesterday. 

i am currently on a new adventure starting my own business.  i have the opportunity everyday to cook from scratch with only the absolute best ingredients and equipment.  i hope with the days growing shorter  and as i get older  i am able to help more families with their grocery and cooking decision making.

i am a lawrence kansas native, well to an extent. before moving to the best town ever, i spent a short amount of time hopping from texas, colorado, and north carolina.  i currently live in roanoke , virginia -no not by the beach.

after spending a substantial amount of time in the restaurant industry (13 years) i turned in the  aprons, double shifts, quality customers, and the towel.

is this a blog?  i don't even know what that means exactly.  i just wish there was still "open diary"... which i often times call this.

i do not expect to become a celebrity, have  20k followers, plan to do a food demo on local news or change anyone's life.  i use this as an avenue to stay true to myself about my current feelings in reaction to something I love.. eating & drinking.  

in addition to my rants and raves i have provided a services tab.  gaining additional clients in the roanoke area has come slowly, but surely.  please feel free to contact me for additional information.

hopefully from time to time i will have my reactions to places throughout the world, but i will start with surrounding areas and often times put my 2cents in about my favorite places in lfk.

i welcome criticism and advice, im no developer, marketing agent, pro blogger or aaron sanchez. although i am a professional at giving my uninvited opinion.  aka-neverwithoutsalt.  

enjoy & get that sea salt out.


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