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Numero 1. current locale: roanoke virginia, you're more biting than you think

my love for eating, cooking and entertaining started at a very young age. i could lay out my life story now but i decided that should probably come in bites and sips.

most importantly if you are reading this you should know that i am a terrible, terrible writer, yes i know this. i have a vulgar mouth, i use the f word far too often and was apparently too preoccupied looking at boys in my english classes to retain basic grammar rules. my apologies in advance for you grammar, spelling, and capitalization natzis . I am extremely long winded, i add too many words (see what i did there), i would say i am choppy and sometimes get a case of ADD. if you a do know me personally then my stoic and sarcastic AF personality won't be of any surprise, you basically hear my monotone voice, can feel my eyes rolling & know ive posted at least four times on snap chat today.

i have recently been asked.. what are your hobbies. well, aside from work I couldn't really come up with much. I don't have stickers on my car that say 26.2 or "adventure awaits me". i am completely obsessed with my dog, it's possible i may reference him more than necessary. he especially deals with my over indulgence of cocktails. playing with him tipsy is absolutely a hobby, after three manhattans or a bottle of new age wine he knows exactly what i am thinking. we connect on a different level. im intoxicated and he gets extra attention, win win.

hobby two- andy cohen is basically a god to me & i can't get enough bravo. but really, did you watch this week's below deck and real housewives of NY? smh. don't even get me started on days of our lives, my biggest wish is not to win the lottery but to be an extra for one scene, f nbc, don't you see my acting potential, im in my prime!

Exercising was never a must but hitting 27 changed everything, including my 27 inch waist. someone once referred to my weights as dildos, weird and so true, those 5 pounders are tough. ill frequent the gym on an as needed basis & skip a few meals before bikini season. could be worse.

so i added tennis, which will hopefully last longer than a month. this healthy hobby can only help with increasing my eating and drinking. at least that's my mindset.

so yes, my hobbies do not necessarily speak volumes for me, im working on that. approaching the end of 29 is a hobby in it's own. so throughout my quarter life crisis i decided it's probably a good idea to start a few "healthy" activities that do not revolve around eating or drinking. this is not one of them, this is all about eating, drinking and my take on the experiences i have while doing both.

the balance is important, i love the drinks, i love the food but i should probably attempt to remain healthy while doing so, i would rather not turn into honey booboo's mother. my hope is venting about the good, bad and great experiences will open other doors and be a therapeutic hobby, so go ahead and stop assuming i strive to be the next best blogger or food network star faders.

#food #bread #cooking

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