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4. gyro in the Market. chipotle, you may have some competition

when I think about a food court I instantly am taken back to childhood, sbarrro pizza, mediocre chinese food, a&w, long john silvers and hopefully a taco bell.. fake cheese is one of my many weaknesses. also, where is the piercing patgota? been itching to repierce my upper ear.

i was pleasantly surprised after moving to roanoke. there actually are food courts that do exist containing quality food. i discovered gyro in the market when i smelled it a few offices down. i started craving it instantly.

the 600 square foot venue located downtown is alongside seven other small to medium operations, each of which is local to roanoke. the small booth opened over a year ago by husband and wife and their fusion on bosnian & albanian food is addictive to say the least. both food and menu look extremely simple and if you walk by you most likely would not give it a second glance.

i did notice a few things that i would change, but these changes can easily be made with how you order. i would not describe myself as picky, but I am particular... if you can give me something deconstructed that would be ideal, if you don't have a salt shaker at every table that's totally fine, just give me ramekin but i do prefer SS, please.

first off imagine a chipotle burrito bowl, this will help you visualize. they start with cilantro rice to one side of the aluminum bowl and add black beans atop. to the other side layered up is shredded lettuce, banana pepper, tomato, black olive, cumber and feta cheese. the bowl is topped with their marinated boneless chicken thigh meat or lamb & beef combo (chicken thigh meat is marinated daily, and the lamb/beef combination is done in house). then the grilled to order protein is placed on top of the entire bowl. at last the tazaki which takes three days to complete is added. the bowl is just so big i know most people couldn't finish, this makes it challenging to have any leftovers or transport it somewhere more than 20 minutes away, considering your produce is under piping hot meat. no one wants soagy cucs and lettuce. but it’s pretty obvious to just ask one of the two people working to rearrange the layering accordingly, just be that guy.

everything is fresh, the minimal amount of options offered really come through in how amazing what they do have is. i cant stress enough how much love is put into their meat and tazaki sauce. whatever they are doing works, really works. i leave feeling comfortable, not with a food baby and good about what I just consumed.

the husband and wife couple make you feel special, they remember your name, your order & offer some kick ass cucumber green tea. the open air court is beautiful with 2 stories of seating to choose from, plants scattered around, a small stage for children to play on, roanoke tourist kiosks and beautiful windows making you feel like you are outside. I encourage everyone local and visiting to visit Elizabeth and her husband, the $8.50 will just be a start to your obsession with GITM.

You will be happy you did!

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