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6. i can't...

don't judge a book by the cover? yes.. good advice for this stand alone building. the patio has one table, a huge smoker and some logs, a little confusing. inside you can find some very attractive carpet, a few booths, semi set up bar and and enough space to seat about 30 people. long story short i love places like this but others may not, i would encourage you to not let this scare you off, be open minded!

4029 melrose avenue nw-roanoke,va. places this great need very little words. forget your pre heated shells, grated cheddar jack cheese, ground taco meat and guacamole paste aka bag in box. la tapitias hands up is one of the best authentic mexican restaurants i have been to in all my travels, hm... aka mexico, aruba and the bahamas, not bragging on that. although i would boast about me eating mexican a minimum of 3 times a week. trying nearly every "authentic" place in each city i have lived and any vacation obviously includes some hole in the walls. always asking for the hottest salsa possible, extra sides of-jalapenos, cilantro, cheese & sour cream. i am addicted... las tapitias extra condiments and toppings exceeded by best expectations.

to say their barbacoa tacos have changed my life might sound like hyperbole, but it's true. hand made tortillas, caramelized onions, raw onions and obviously i add cheese and sour cream. true phat girl move. sometimes less is more and they stick to this with each dish. all you really need is some cilantro and onions right?

must haves- GREEN salsa, i think about this while walking harold, brushing my teeth and getting gas. weird. chorizo cheese dip, beans with hot dogs, modelo in a can (the best) and jesus tits (alyssa) every weekend they offer whole or half smoked chickens. each portion is served with grilled whole green onions, japs, potatoes, beans and tortillas. i have never seen so many to go orders go out of such a small building.

you feel like family each time you go in. welcomed by literally everyone working, they even let me play my spotify station outside on their speaker, that's incredible.

when i eat out it's not just about filling my stomach, that's the last thing i am thinking about...i spend hours at different places absorbing every detail about what i am eating or drinking. i ask too many questions and often times the lucky person bringing all the food gets annoyed. remember i'm not picky, i'm particular... not here, they are happy to educate me. im doing something more than just going out for a bite or sip. im going out to learn new techniques, dishes, styles, trends and i keep going back because i keep learning. the servers working always have family there eating who gladly introduce themselves and their children.

with the combination of food, canned beer, service and mexican professors i will keep going back. sometimes more than once a week. everything is done with thought and care, you're welcome in advance.

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