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7. new to neverwithoutsalt

i would say in my first three posts i made myself pretty clear on what i'm doing here, or what this blog is about. while trying to give a few more people outside my direct friend group something to read i have had a few others reach out and want more information on me personally...a little bit more on my background and hobbies. which again i strongly dislike that word, hobbies. yes, i just googled the best way to do this because no one wants to read 10 more paragraphs of me being extremely random and politically incorrect about myself or others.


I am not a top chef winner but... i have---

-graduated from culinary school with a degree in f&b management & hotel and resort management

-started at the hereford house when i was 14 as a bus girl & continued working in the industry until i was 27

-jobs included: wheat state pizza (cook & sales staff), 23rd street brewery (cocktail waitress, bartender, trainer, caterer, sales rep, manager), kansas belle dinner train (catering supervisor & cook), six mile tavern (trainer and supervisor), tonic and mass street pub (bartender, menu developing, trainer) and burgerfi (assistant manager and general manager of operations, opening 2 stores within one year)

...basically this is a ghetto resume. food network, will you go ahead and hire me?

what to expect when reading

i'd like to think after reading my open diary you can do a couple things

-visit the places i have talked about, order something different than you typically would

-alter what you order the way i recommend

-feel like you were in a room with me because i absolutely write the way i think, speak and act


-my face tells it all, usually me looking at someone like what the f

-tell it how it is

-hard to read, maybe because i'm never overly excited...and if i am it's your lucky day

-funny, usually in the most awkward way but if you get me, you get me.

-opinionated, not about people but other things for sure

-competitive, i always want to win a thumb wrestle match

-assertive, if i can see or feel someone needs something i jump right on it

-giving, i like to take care of people and surprise them

what i like

-spicy food, salty everything, bourbon & can't go wrong

-patio's and weekend day drinks! no but really my face did light up

-cleaning, i can't control many things in my life but i can control how much my bathroom smells like mr. clean, febreeze or any and all meyers products--how many lines are in my carpet, the amount of candles lit, pillows in correct position and pledge on every wood surface. yes, i am a psycho

-the first warm day in spring, i roll all my windows down and listen to sister hazel. proceeded by me making too many string bracelets, clearly my hippie mood has come out in full force...and no i never stopped wearing my birks for all of you posers

-painting, that just started so hopefully it lasts, i just tried to sell my first one for $65.00... it's not going great.

-as stated before... days of our lives. all bravo and most netflix, basic minus the 79 year old in me that watches a soap

-entertaining, i have yet to own a house because of so much moving in the last three years... but i will tell you even in the 1200 sq ft apartment you will be so happy you came over

-grocery shopping, literally my favorite thing to do

-music, no one can deny that this is one of the biggest things in everyone's life. i'm 30 and i will continue to have my music at a 26 volume, sorry phyllis


-cold weather, anything under 40 and i might be a little cranky

-reading instructions, i am extremely impatient

being put on hold

-getting gas, it worse to get it when it's 102 degrees or 12?

-emptying the dishwasher

-bad service, anywhere i go

-one uppers, people who only talk about the same thing every single fing time you talk to them and again one uppers who name drop, sick wit it.

-getting my hair and nails done

-going into a car dealership

-stoves that aren't gas, my cast iron just will not heat to temp.

-garlic powder, just gross

-off brand olive oil, get it together people

-cinnamon flavor anything, why is fireball still so big here in VA?

future posts

i will continue to rant and rave about the places i frequent as well as new places i start to visit. with upcoming trips to asheville nc and punta cana i hope my writing will improve and my true "sloan voice" will shine. please let me know of anything i should be working on, "blog" related. i appreciate feedback.

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