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9. how do your insides look after you've eaten...

i am constantly looking at other human's carts in grocery stores, it's just me. you should try it, it's amazing the kind of things you will see. i don't want to judge or mislabel anyone but i truly believe you can tell a lot about a person by what they are pushing around.

i will be the first to tell you, whatever they put in certain items at taco bell & waffle house...keep me coming back for more. we all have things that we crave & no matter what, i don't see that changing. clearly these cravings have to be in moderation.

the convenience factor of fast food, microwavable meals, prepackaged items and dining out are all great concepts & i wish i made the decision to invent lunchables from a $$$ standpoint. but really how amazing do you feel after these? what i see when i go to the grocery store is people are trying to be healthy, they really just don't know how to be.

plain and simply you should be eating like a caveman right? ok, that sounds prettty terrible. although there are a few things to keep in mind that will help you and your insides. keep in mind i'm no nutritionist, these are just a few pointers.

just remember, don't assume something is healthy.

-because something says "wheat" does not mean it's healthy-look for "whole grain".

-when restaurants say "freshly baked" and smell delicious, this does not mean they made the dough there or that it's realllly that fresh. most likely the dough was shipped from a bigger location, then they just tossed it in the oven right before you walked in.

-when something says "low fat" more than likely there are just added refined sugars to keep the food more palatable, maybe you are taking in less fat but you're still putting shit in your body.

-everyone says grass fed, usually this is done within the first 90 days, but they transitioned to corn until slaughtered, this drastically changes the nutrition value.

-"sugar free" gross anyway, but this is just another way to put artificial crap in your food... go ahead, just get a margarita with sugar instead, just as bad.

-if a label reads no transfat, they still may include this, it just has to be under .5 grams thanks USDA.

-on the plus side, hfcs has been demonized recently, corn syrup it is.

it doesn't make you a hippie to read ingredients and take your own bags to the store. be mindful of what you are putting in your body. recently a friend of mine had an instagram post, there was a picture of herself and the statement "if the words you spoke appeared on your skin, would you still be beautiful" ... i love this in so many ways. it really does say the same about your insides.

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