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10. deprived for 29 years

it was only about six months ago... i started working for the best family ever, that's when i had my second intro to indian food. previous experiences included a small place just off mass street in lawrence, ks. at that time only being 19 i don't think i really enjoyed or appreciated it. not to mention i was even enrolled in culinary school...who knows maybe all i was truly concerned about was tips i made at the bar, what outfit i was going to wear to the hawk and if my rent was going to be on time.

taaza in roanoke is one of a few indian restaurants. i don't think i need to check the others out at this point. located in the grandin neighborhood, this cozy, mixed with fancy spot seriously keeps me coming back, and back again.

if it has been a minute since you have indulged i would suggest the tuesday-friday buffet 11:00am-2:00pm. the price is amazing and it's flooding with people, so you know it's good. when eating indian food i recommend to try and keep dishes separate, that way you can really taste the love that's gone into each option. i also am a bit of a diva & ask for "indian hot sauce" with a side of plain yogurt.

i tried everything, you should too. what really stuck out to me was the tandoori chicken, egg curry & gulab jamun. of course i had two plates, how can you not at a buffet. stick around for two hours, keep eating why the hell not. the service is always on point. my water was full and my plates were cleared. really, all that for $10.00, steal.

if you're in the mood for something less casual the night menu offers a huge selection. after going a few times my go-to's are saag with chicken and the vindaloo with veggies. extra side of roti with too much hot sauce.

expand your palate and your list of favorites. your stomach will thank you later & odds are you will crave it the next week.

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