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11. take it or leave it

the 60 degree weather and my love for patios led me to Beamer's 25 in Roanoke. it's one of the few places in town that you almost feel big city-ish. both inside and out are warehouse looking and extremely modern. new lofts are being built above, big lick brewery next door opened and Tucos Taco's is directly across the street, if you need to get your tequila fix.

  1. the "choices" most frequently suggested by staff are burger's and pizza. that was my first mistake. i really don't understand why i try to eat healthy when i go out? Basically eating like a rabbit all week calls for extra cheese, ranch, sour cream, chips or some friedness. my friedness came in the side of tots I ordered with my salad. but come on, tots are like candy corn.. they are all the same. holla sonic (im yelling) girls gotta eat...but they were actually good. how can they not be?

Don’t we wish standards were the same for sauces? instead of my "basic" side of ranch i gambled on the buffalo. Ya, sauce caloric intake was not my concern. one could instantly tell it’s not homemade. possibly franks hot? It’s all about the love. A little melted butter, chopped garlic, fresh herbs, shake that shit up. So much better.

Don’t disappoint us. i just paid $6.50 for a lost coast tangerine wheat and you couldn't spice up your sauce? Come on bro?

i ordered a half chopped salad with salmon "blackened" on top. universally maybe some people just don't get it. i don't want a piece of meat that is burnt, i want cajun seasonings, really if you are adding a protein to anything you should do this, why would you not want the added spice and saltyness, try it. the salmon seemed confused, it didn't want to be overcooked but it was, it didn't taste like much and i think it really wanted to take a bath in some paprika and shit. but it's OK, it was still 60 out, the sun was still shinning, and f*** the side of ranch served with it was surprising. i'll go back just for that. the mixed salad was typical, nothing to really get into.

service was awesome, shout out to ol' girl for letting me hangout on the patio while all the hermits went indoors. inside was clean & looked professional. what i noticed was maybe they should consider changing a few drink prices, especially with a brewery coming in next door that offers essentially the same product for $1.50 cheaper. maybe put some bags out front, take advantage of that patio space, not many places around have something so great. i will be back in full carb and fried force next time!

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